Jeff Parry

For more than a decade, Calgary, Alberta-based impresario Jeff Parry has been celebrating the music and the artists who provided the soundtrack for a generation who, like himself, grew up during the earliest days of the rock era.

His theatrical productions, featuring the music and careers of artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Bee Gees and Led Zeppelin, have been seen and heard in London’s West End theatre district, on Broadway and in venues around the world. “Let It Be: A Celebration of the Music of the Beatles,” which evolved from “Rain – A Tribute to the Beatles,” which Parry elevated from cruise ship and casino performances to Broadway in the six-year period between 2004 and 2010, has been seen by well over a million people worldwide. The New York Times called it “by far the best Beatles show yet.” Various “Let It Be” touring shows are currently performing across North America, the British Isles, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2014, Jeff was inspired to mount an unapologetically patriotic production that showcases Canada’s singers, songwriters and musicians and the enormous impact they have had on popular music at home and abroad. This multimedia theatrical extravaganza, “Rock The Nation – A Celebration of Canadian Music,” written by Melhuish, features a live band and tribute singers who spirit the audience away on an exciting, inspirational and educational journey showcasing songs popularized by the legends of Canadian music.

In speaking to Parry, you realize that he is a passionate charter member of the fan club of the artists he features in these unique stage shows. Like many Canadians, Parry has marvelled at the level of success that so many Canadian artists have attained over the years. For a country of just over 30 million people, arguably, Canada has produced more world class music talent per capita than any country in the world. This was Parry’s inspiration for mounting the production Rock The Nation – A Tribute to Canadian Music which pays tribute to many of these homegrown stars and is sure to have audiences across the country leaving the theatre amazed and full of pride at the contributions of Canadian singers, songwriters and musicians to the music world over the years.

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